Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting in Energy sector both generation and efficiency.

Trade name or product positioning.

Business plans development and follow up.

Marketing and commercial plans including market segmentation, resources, action plans, corrective actions, follow up, etc.

Market development for Europe and USA. Market intelligence.

The 4 partners have more than 100 years experience in multinational groups working in most advanced industry markets in management positions and developing this type of activities.

Coaching / Interim Management

Technical support in action plans for energy efficiency. We develop energy audit including evaluation, standards compliance, corrective actions, costs, return of invests, IRT, etc.

We develop jointly with the Customer the specific plan for implementing those actions best adapted to the Customer requirements. We help the Customer in the priorization of the measurement and its scheduling. We follow up the results.

We can provide Interim Management for specific time. This alternative allows the Customer to have a highly qualified staff while training his own personnel or apply specific action plans.


We develop training courses in energy efficiency.

General training courses developed according to Customer requirements and as a function of the qualification of the people involved.

Specific courses about lighting starting with general concepts about vision to finish talking about the most advanced technologies used today like LED or induction lamps. The training includes practical sessions about dimming and control systems, advantages and limitations.  

Technical training specific for Energy Services Companies.