Street Lighting

Street lighting is one big consumer of resources both energetic and economic in our Municipalities.

The ability to control the lumens level in a certain area based on the activity being developed and not as per the project design is the most efficient system to reduce costs maintaining an adequate service to the citizens.

Today most of the lighting points in Spain are based on discharge lamps (mercury, sodium or metal halide).  Some of them are controlling the dimming via a flux regulator in the main cabinet. This system is expensive and with low efficiency.

The electronic ballasts for HID lamps manufactured by our technological partner offer an wide range of control systems allowing each user to access to the solution most adapted to his requirements.

For more information about electronic ballasts please visit our lighting products in this web.

Industrial Lighting


Our lighting system for industrial applications is based on metal halide lamps with point to point control with communications via radiofrequency. By using lighting sensors and combined with our active solar lighting system is a great alternative to obtain a highly efficient lighting system for industry.

Local lighting via LED or long life fluorescents gives us an important reduction in maintenance costs and emissions.

Additional information about our LED Luminaries can be found in the page of Products in this website.

In the chapter Solutions you can find the way of focusing a complete industrial lighting project. Our projects include the study of the best alternatives, engineering, installation and in some cases the operation and maintenance by working as Energetic Services Company.


We call Solution to the system integrating different technologies to build up the most adequate alternative for each Customer.

Additionally to the technology the whole solution can also integrate the best alternative from the financial point of view.

We try to build up solutions that the Customer cannot refuse.

For example, an industrial warehouse using mercury vapor lamps can achieve savings close to 80% in power consumption and 60% in maintenance costs through the use of metal halide lamps combined with point to point control and with our active solar lighting system. If we add the ability to implement the solution by working as an Energy Services Company, the Customer can benefit from a higher lighting level, better light quality, better corporate image by reducing emissions and mercury pollution, all of this without investment and with lower operating and maintenance costs.