LED Lightpipe

Luminary specially designed for parking areas or any other place with low ceiling height up to 4 m. 

Available lengths are 4 m (weight 20 kg) and 6 m (weight 24 kg). Aluminum structure completely wired. The luminary includes supports and connectors to joint one luminary to the next in the line. By this way we create a light pipe. We only need to feed both power and communications to the first luminary of each line (light pipe).

For additional information please consult the catalog: Catalog LEDLigightpe

LED for False Ceiling

Family of LED luminaries especially designed to be integrated in false ceilings.

Available in 600x600 mm (2 or 4 tubes) and 1.200x300 mm (1 tube).

Power 2x18 w or 4x18 w.

This luminary can be perfectly integrated in a false ceiling by sustituting a standard plaque. Especially adapted to be used in offices and similar spaces.  

LED Standalone

This 2 m length and 39 w luminaries are especially designed for retrofits.

Its design is based on the LED Lightpipe luminary modified by eliminating the aluminum case and the internal pre wiring.

Due to this the design of the luminary itself is very simple but each luminary must be feed individually both in power and control.