Active Solar Lighting


Our Solar Active Lighting system from Ciralight performs an active sun tracking to put inside the building trough diffusers as much solar light as possible during the daylight time. This produces a homogeneous level of lighting during the whole daylight time without glaring which deal to elude the necessity of using electrical lighting most part of the daily time.

Traditional objections about solar lighting systems like investment costs, long return of invest or glaring are not a problem for our system. It produces a diffuse, comfortable and natural light without any increase of temperature inside as a result of the two thermal barriers included. Our active solar lighting system maximizes the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

Available sizes: 1200 x 1200 mm (one and two mirrors) and 1200 x 2400 mm (one mirror).

Applications for Active Solar Lighting

The active solar lighting is not only an important element for energy saving and reduction of emissions due to reduce dramatically the use of electrical lighting but presents additional essential advantages depending on application.

People grow up in natural environments. Studies demonstrate that in these environments: buyers stay longer in the place of purchase and buy more, students improve school performances and workers more productive with lower labor absenteeism.

Classroom with more daylight are associated to improvements from 20% to 26% in the learning time. This is due to the improved visibility due to a higher light level, better light quality, improved color rendering and a better health and aptitude due to a better working of the circadian cycles which is not produced by the electrical light.

Working centers, schools and shopping centers are ideal places for using Active Solar Lighting.