Electronic Ballasts

The electronic ballasts present big advantages:  Very high efficiency, constant efficiency during the whole life cycle, optimized startup process with the minimum required energy which produces a longer lamp life, different types of control systems, ability to dim to have always the required lumens level.

 Electronic ballasts for street lighting from 50 to 250 W. Several control systems: Preprogrammed, MidNight, DALI and PLC.

Complete luminaries for industrial lighting from 250 to 2.000 W. Control system based on radiofrequency.


Solar Lighting

Advanced system to manage solar light inside an inner space. Sun follow up by GPS working with a mirror system inside a transparent dome located outside the roof.

Due to the sun follow up, the system captures day light during the complete daylight. Produces diffuse natural light inside the inner space. High lumens stability without glaring.

Power supply by a photovoltaic system. Two thermal barriers. Equivalent to a 800 W halogen lamp (no power consumption and no heat production). 10 years warranty. Maintenance free. It only requires cleaning of the dome.